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About Me

My name is Amber Donald and I am a 1st-year medical student.  Rooted in love and healing, the BLAZE Health Podcast is an interactive space for the Black community and allies to have dialogue about mental health, holistic wellness, and life.  Through each episode, the goal is to de-stigmatize mental health, build a sustainable mental health toolkit, and create a future where Black youth are truly free. 



Connection to free wellness services

I aim to provide sustainable, free mental health services to those in my community. Typically with every episode, I collaborate with the respective guest speaker to launch a resource giveaway. Past BLAZE Health listeners have had the opportunity to win reflection workbooks, journals, affirmation decks, weighted blankets, and more! I am extremely excited to giveaway access to professional wellness services next.

Health Education

Through each podcast episode, I provide an interactive experience for listeners to learn about mental health conditions and holistic wellness techniques. I ask my guest speakers those questions that we may not have the space to ask. With genuine health education, tough scientific topics can become broken down, tangible, and relatable. I want people in my community to have access to this valuable information. 

Art Integration

In every episode, I integrate a DJ AMBRUH Mini Mix as a way to decompress and enjoy something new/fresh. I believe in the power of music. For some people, music therapy is one of the most effective holistic wellness techniques in their mental health toolkits. A nice balance between science and art is important. I also can make customized mixes, if that is something of interest to you!

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