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Welcome to the campfire!

Hello! It means a lot to me if you've stumbled onto my website and are now reading this. My name is Amber Donald and I am a first-year medical student. I started the BLAZE Health Podcast back in Jan 2020 to center on Black mental health, address stigma, and provide tangible holistic wellness tools through health education and art integration. As a Caribbean-American woman, I grew up in an environment/community that did not necessarily center mental health. Quite frankly, it was not until I had the privilege of attending college that I finally started to consciously think about my own holistic wellness. I truly believe that if we can have discussions earlier, younger generations will be well equipped with tools to navigate any negative emotions or experiences they may encounter in their life. With earlier intervention, we will see a decrease in mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, and more. I hope to ignite change in my community.

I aim to use this blog to document my life experiences in relation to the podcast episodes. I believe in stories and story-telling so I hope to capture genuine moments that may connect with you or someone you may know. Here's to illuminating our minds!

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